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Shows - 2006

PUNKY! - 29-12-2006 - The Block Party Hangover Special!

29 December 2006

Ooooo what a night it was! Block Party was 2 days ago and we're still feeling it, luckily we've got songs from Devilish Presley, Planet Smashers, The Toy Dolls, Alien Sex Fiend and 2 songs from The Bleach Boys.

Devilish Presley leave a message for you!, thanks to all that came to Block Party 7, we have a new word of the week and revisit an old one, Tony's really pleased about Paul's New Year Resolution, Tony hates Myspace, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Spenny didn't make it to Block Party, Total Talk Nonsense leave us a fantastic message, Tony thinks he may be sobering up, Paul talks about his upcoming holiday, Tony has a incredibly angry "Izzatwat" from Jyll, we have a message from Ruby Breastnut, Ad Break - visit and quote code punky3 for your discount, is Tony the new Captain Sensible?, Paul has the best Poetry Corner ever!, does Paul have a secret admirer?, Tony talks about his attire for Block Party 7 and is a foxymoron!, Paul talks about Devilish Presley, thanks to Fatboy for coming down and taking lots of pictures, Paul mentions the upcoming Alien Sex Fiend gigs and fills us in on his festive text responses and thank you all for listening and contributing to Punky in 2006! We'll see you in 2007!

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PUNKY! - 19-12-2006 - The Block Party 7 Special!

19 December 2006

It's nearly christmas, but more importantly its nearly Block Party! Tony's losing the plot and is clearly having a breakdown and the band next door just won't shut up - thankfully we've got songs from Devilish Presley, Axminister Scotchguard and The Numskulls, The Boogie Children, Alcohol, Paul B. Edwards and another one from Devilish Presley.

Captain Sensible has a message for you all to start the show, we've got your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments and Tony gets confused, we have some Blah party manifesto from The Captain but was Paul slightly relaxed?, Tony finally succumbs to Paul's charm, Midgit Mania and the Last Tango In Paris, BUM ME NOW!, Tony volunteers as the woman detracter, Paul digs out his Tony impression, this weeks "Izzatwat" goes all anonymous, "Poetry Corner" requires Paul and Tony's services, Ad Break! - quote code punky2 for your discount, Tony talks about Alcohol and obviously fancies the lead singer, we talk about The Chavs and last nights practice, The Captain discusses religion and smoking!, Paul talks about the Rock City gig at the weekend, Tony goes odd again, we talk about Block Party 7, Tony's been drinking again and chatting to listeners online and we have a final message from the Captain!

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PUNKY! - 12-12-2006 - The Rock City Special!

12 December 2006

It's the Punky christmas party hangover show! Paulyb's sorry and Tony's in Fishtown! Luckily this week there's a great gig at Rock City and to celebrate we feature some of the bands, there's music from Planet Smashers, Goldblade, Resistence 77, Riot Squad, The Apocalypse Babys and King Kurt.

Paul's got a word of the week, we've got your Myspace/PodcastAlley and BTPodshow comments, what's a flame pool?, this weeks "Izzatwat" goes into the workplace, Paul has a Poetry Corner submission from Lord Reilloc, the "Ad break!" - - quote code punky1 for your 10% discount, we talk about Captain Sensible and the Blah party!, Tony reads out a few jokes from Jyll, Paul talks about his gig on friday night and HemBoys first outing, Felix's surreal kitchen and tattooing pigs?, Paul's received an interesting letter from the US! and don't forget its Block Party 7 on December 27th!

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PUNKY! - 05-12-2006 - The Dodgy Bird Special!

5 December 2006

It's the Punky christmas party this week so we're in a great mood and this weeks show is a dodgy bird special and features songs from Planet Smashers, Wonk Unit, The Toy Dolls, Holy Racket and Alice Rock.

We discuss the upcoming Nottingham Planet Smashers gig which is this sunday, Paul has a kinda festive word of the week, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, people aren't liking the BT Podshow stinger, Tony attempts a joke and messes it up completely, Paul talks about feminine issues!, this weeks "Izzatwat" sends us straight to hell, Paul has a swift "Poetry Corner", Tony is freaked out by Paul's twisted laugh, the scary ad break!, we talk about the Blah party, Paul tells us about a comedy workshop he did last week, Tony reveals the identity of "The Lodger", we read out the latest BT Podshow comments and reveal the winner of the Hussieskunk competition, Paul talks about a dodgy experience down the ol' welfare!, Paul plugs his gig in Hitchin which is this friday and don't forget if you're in the Nottingham area this sunday come along to the Planet Smashers gig at Junktion 7!

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PUNKY! - 28-11-2006 - The Nothing Special!

28 November 2006

It's the nothing special this week! Paul's been gigging this week and Tony's been out the country... just! Luckily we've still managed to get music for you this week from River City High, The Kramers, The Black Stripe, Valdez, Reason 69 and Verbal Warning.

Paul's got a last minute word of the week, Tony's an inflatable blue poodle?, we talk safety words.. again!, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley and BTPodshow comments!, Paul's talks about his new favourite drink, we mention BT Podshow and the whole sell out thing,Paul has a question about short people, Tony has a clarification from last week and this weeks "Izzatwat" has a pirate flavour, Paul is keen to earn the pink pound, we announce the Punky christmas party!, Tony talks briefly about his weekend in Wales, we mention Jack Black and Tenacious D and narrowly avoid another film review, was Paul's accommodation haunted this weekend?, we wonder how far we can go with the merchandise, Paul talks about his weekend's gigs, Tony's thinking about dying his hair for christmas and will Tony reveal his lodgers identity next week.... tune in!

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PUNKY! - 21-11-2006 - The Hussieskunk Special!

21 November 2006

Paul's just got back from Poland and has trusted Tony to pick the music for this weeks show which is a Hussieskunk Special! The bands are Lazy American Workers, The Matter, Make Out Music, Square, Drink Fight Thugs and Bottlefight.

Paul has a word of the week in honour of his weekend in Poland, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, we briefly mention Block Party 7 (December 27th!), there are different types of Flakes?, we discuss BT Podshow, we give you the chance to win some CDs in our Hussieskunk competition, The Planet Smashers are gigging locally!, we discuss "The Lodger" and our myspace group, Tony has a terrifying "Izzatwat" from the scary Lord Reilloc, this weeks Poetry Corner is a very thoughtful poem which we treat with the upmost respect, Paul tells us about his weekend in Poland, Tony had a good gig at the weekend with his band Alcohol, Paul talks about the problems they had getting back from Poland! and don't forget the safety word is Aardvark.

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PUNKY! - 14-11-2006 - A Ska Punk Special!

14 November 2006

Times are achanging this week and as promised we bring you a Ska Punk special. This weeks bands are Planet Smashers, Crashed Out, Jimmy The Squirrel, General Rudie, Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle and Subb - yes thats right, from now on we're featuring 6 songs!

We have your MySpace/PodcastAlley comments, Paul has this weeks messages and has a couple of songs to sing...., we prove that we don't do movie reviews as we discuss in length the Pirates Of The Carribbean films, Tony has a hot off the press "Izzatwat", Paul has a nice couple of poems for "Poetry Corner", we talk monkeys, we get an update on Hemboy, Paul tells us about the Rubber Room on friday night, Tony talks about the upcoming Alcohol gig on Saturday night, we talk about this BT Podshow thing, Tony talks about the old shows and Paul tells us about his plans for the weekend - good luck Poland!

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PUNKY! - 07-11-2006 - The People We Know Special!

7 November 2006

Paul's feeling all romantic and Tony is quite rightly terrified, luckily we've got music from people we know! This weeks bands are Chelsea, Dirty Love, New Town Centres, Resistance 77 and Apocalypse Babys

We've got your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, we finally catch up on your fantastic iTunes reviews - thank you all for your reviews!, what is a Lodger Dodger?, what happened to Jon's sink?, Paul provides his own Poetry Corner this week, "Izzatwat" returns whilst Paul comes over all funny, Paul mentions The Clash, we update you on Hem Boy, Paul went to Camden this weekend with his interesting head, Tony talks about a weird Myspace conversation and we talk about the origin of Bonfire night.

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PUNKY! - 31-10-2006 - Its Halloween!

31 October 2006

It's Halloween! Paulyb's all subdued, Tony's hearing voices and we can't stop thinking about pancakes... thankfully we've got some great songs from Blind Assassins, Mad Sin, The Exit Wounds, Zombie Ghost Train and Zombina and The Skeletones.

Brain Sander kicks off the show this week, we have a phrase of the week from Angry Bear, as usual we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, are people wearing fake Punky T-Shirts?, we go all multi-cultural!, 3 legged pub crawls vs Dungeons & Dragons, we have a message from Ham Boy (now Hem Boy)!, "Izzatwat" goes all political, Paul has a bumper Poetry Corner this week, Paul takes us through the rejects from his Poetry myspace page, the Alcohol video is finally available! and don't forget to vote for us at iTunes!

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PUNKY! - 24-10-2006 - The Nicotine Records Special!

24 October 2006

We've dedicated this weeks show to our good friend Felix. Nicotine Records supply this weeks songs which are from The Wild Weekend, Bad News, SDH and Model Citizen.

We talk about Hamboy, we feature your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Desmond Decker has sent us a CD!, we're in trouble with the Canadadadians, The Exorcist vs Deep Throat?, we can play the Dead 60s instrumentals!, "Izzatwat" is back with more "out of the closet"-ness, Paul has a great "Poetry Corner" and mentions his new Myspace profile, Reverand Ian Paisley..., Paul talks about the Eddie and the Hotrods gig he went to on Saturday, where is the Alcohol album?, Paul is now a cherry headed bum snogger! and we play a promo for the Nightnurse Show.

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PUNKY! - 17-10-2006 - The Dead Friend Special!

17 October 2006

This weeks show is an extra long dead friend special and features songs from Zombina and The Skeletones, The Undertakers, Gravmar and The Gravediggers, The Duel and Confederats.

We have a bumper collection of your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments this week due to the pure quality of your comments!, is there a sasquatch in Sherwood Forest?, Tony does his scottish accent for hopefully the last time!, we find out what a welsh Emo actually sounds like, Tony proves that his German is even worse than his English!, we talk about Prince and the Sound Of Music, we have a brief Joe 90 moment, this weeks "Izzatwat" was submitted in kitten blood, Poetry Corner features a poem by Ana, Paul mentions his new Myspace profile, we try to remember the ET joke..., we briefly talk about Total Talk Nonsense and Air Out My Shorts, we introduce Rockin' Hood and Slade Marion, Secretary vs Alien 3 and Tony thinks Google Earth isn't quite complete...

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PUNKY! - 10-10-2006 - The Homoerotic Special!

10 October 2006

There's a whole lotta love this week and to compliment our mood we've got some lovely tunes from The Skagz, Bitch Slap Barbie, Lucifer Star Machine, Corrision and Raw Poo.

We have a brief interview with Alex from Wonk Unit, Paulyb's come up with a great word of the week, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, we discuss frottaging and there's more toothpaste related discussions, where is Total Talk Nonsense?, we discuss iTunes and possibly offend all of Belgium, Tony pulls an "Izzatwat" from out of the closet, Clitto is back with her Whore-a-scope, Poetry Corner returns with some true culture, we talk about the T Shirts and the Rogue Gallery, Judge Mental returns to finally lay rest to the license fee debate, we discuss Swindon and witchcraft and we take you on an unplanned quick tour of the Raw Poo CD!

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PUNKY! - 03-10-2006 - The Polo Blojo!

3 October 2006

Goopa! Goopa!

Manly Tony's getting his vocal chords serviced so it's up to me to do the show notes this week. A scare before recording left us a little flummoxed but we soon cracked on with myspace comments, PCA comments, emails & messages, US itunes reviews, a rubbish poetry corner and a terribly tragic Izzatwat. There's news about the wonk unit and fuzztones gigs this week and featured music from the former as well as Dead identities, Axminster Scotchguard & The Numskulls, A Human & His STDs and Destructors 666.

As if that wasn't enough, we marvel over the effects of toothpaste during lovemaking, review TWO magazines ("Devolution" and "The Mic"), get battered with Words of the Week and discuss (briefly) my latest appearance on AOMS.

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PUNKY! - 26-09-2006 - A Punk and Oi Special!

26 September 2006

We're a day late recording this week but the wait is worth it as we bow to popular demand and feature some great punk from Apocalypse Babys, Resistance 77, Radio Havana, Leather Zoo and Age Of Chaos.

We have a bumper collection of your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, we discuss Tony's special space hopper, Tony gets tricked by a false ending, this weeks messages features some great accents from Paul & Tony (yes Tony attempts an accent thats not a pirate), we discuss Greenock, we feature your UK iTunes reviews from this week - we'll feature the US ones next week, Paul tells us the benefits of the posh ladies, a big hello to our Wisconsin listeners, do our listeners really want to spank Tony?, Tony has a corporate "Izzatwat" and finally says something funny!, the Punky "Hug a cow" campaign, we discuss the flashing we received on our last ever radio show, Paul tells us about Hamboy and Alwaysh Looking's birthday party, we have a new "Purple Burglar Alarm" and it's a video! and Tony falls to pieces at the end - ah he did so well...

(Apologies for the recording mistake about 16 minutes into the show!)

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PUNKY! - 19-09-2006 - The Girl Special!

19 September 2006

We've been rushing around today and so to calm us down we have a girls special this week featuring more great songs from Dragster, The Duel, Devilish Presley, Zombina & The Skeletones and Brigitte Handley.

We mention our upcoming photoshoot!, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, there's a few word of the week submissions this week, don't forget to visit the Punky T-Shirt store!, we talk about the Podcast Peer Awards briefly, Paul comes over all emo, Tony's got a very somber "Izzatwat", Paul has a great poem for Poetry Corner, being sacked has done wonders for our televisual habits!, Paul's been "hanging one on" at the weekend and learning Polish!, Paul recounts a story about mouse traps!, we talk politics, Paul bursts into song and why not take up our iTunes challenge?

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PUNKY! - 12-09-2006 - Live from the Punky Bunker!

12 September 2006

We're back, broadcasting from our studio which is inside a tree! We're settling into the Punky Bunker now and what better way to celebrate than 5 great songs from The New Town Centres, The Twats, Point 22, Frankenstein and Popzillas.

Paul takes a phone call from the Proper Mrs Edwards, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, more pwning stuff, Paul has a few poo stories... yes poo stories, we have a great phrase of the week, Tony's clearly been watching too many American sitcoms, we discuss the Punky Radio T Shirt Store, Tony has problems talking... again!, we are Izzatwat-less this week - don't forget to email [email protected] with your nominations, Paul recites a few more Spike Milligan poems, we mention the different Punky factions, Paul talks about his Myspace profile and gigs, we discuss one of Total Talk Nonsense's recent guests, the Punky Bunker is invaded by locals... and we have a few special Blow Job pieces for you this week!

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PUNKY! - 05-09-2006 - The Monkey Special!

5 September 2006

Goopa! Goopa! It's the Punky Bunker! Crikey what a mad week it's been, we're no longer in the usual studio but thankfully this week is a monkey special featuring great songs from Monkey Island, Rock & Roll Monkey & The Robots, Secret Agent Men, Monkey Fist and Monkey Bonez.

We introduce the Punky Bunker and we settle into the new setting, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Paul recites the "On The Ning Nang Nong" poem from memory!, crabs in Prague?, Paul has a bizarre word of the week submission from Kelly, Poetry Corner returns with 2 Haikus!, we have a fat ex-punk "Izzatwat", we discuss the various Punky factions being started on Myspace, Paul's setup his own Myspace page, Roobie Breastnut is back with her monthly Whore-O-Scope, the Punky Bunker is actually built inside a tree, we tell you why we're broadcasting from a new studio, we mention the Podcast Peer Awards because we've been nominated for an award!, Tony has a couple of iTunes reviews, Big thanks to Uncle Weeto and his freaky shorts, and don't forget NOTHING CAN STOP THE PUNKY!

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PUNKY! - 29-08-2006 - The Hectic Adhoc Episode!

29 August 2006

We're a CD player down this week so the show's even more mad. We have Ham Boy and Alwaysh Looking in the studio and also the Proper Mrs Edwards (although she's not talking!), we also have some great music from Resistance 77, Dead By Gun, The Pins, The Motorsounds and Silver.

Tony's just done an acoustic gig and it wasn't great, Ham Boy and Alwaysh Looking help out with the Myspace/Podcast Alley comments, Alwaysh Looking has a emo joke for us!, Tony has a rather long "Izzatwat", Alwaysh Looking gives us a background on The Blowjobs, We play a great song about the TV License, Judge Mental returns, Tony mentions the Punky Store (buy a T Shirt!), Paul, Ham Boy and Alwaysh Looking talk about their Leeds Festival experience!, We have the very first exclusive live performance of The Blowjobs, Tony played an outdoor gig on Saturday and sums it up in one word, Paul mentions his gigs from last week, We play the Truth Seekers promo and don't forget to buy a T Shirt!

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PUNKY! - 22-08-2006 - An Indiebox Eye Tie Special!

22 August 2006

We've been up to something since the last show and have packed loads of stuff into this episode of Punky! The music this week is all from Indiebox and features Pig Tails, Cattive Abitudini, Standing Still, DDR and L'invasione Degli Omini Verdi.

Paul's been busy and has finally got the new beds sorted!, Tony thinks Paul made a mistake last week - is he right?, Paul has created a new word of the week, we have your Myspace / PodcastAlley comments, Paul reads this weeks Poetry Corner as Richard Burton!, we've finally given in and created the Punky Store - visit us and buy a T-Shirt! (, we talk about Judge Mental who is stocking up on Cinnamon gum, is one of the Chuckle Brothers dead?, Tony has an "Izzatwat", we introduce "The Brain Sander" - be afraid..., we've found some wine in the studio!, we talk about the gigs we're doing this weekend, Paul and Tony try creating stories from the Punky dictionary with varied results, Paul tells us about Soccershout and we play the promo and don't forget to buy a T-Shirt!

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PUNKY! - 15-08-2006 - The Festival Hangover!

15 August 2006

It's been another booze heavy week but we're back with more great music from Judder and The Jack Rabbits, The Skagz, Destructors 666 and 2 songs from The Apocalypse Babys.

Tony went to Olliefest last week, we have your Myspace/Podcast Alley comments, Tony plugs the Treat Tony Nicely faction, we talk about Wisconsin, Paul talks about his love for roundabouts, we mention the Punky Ownz myspace group, "Izzatwat" returns as usual, Tony gets another spelling test..., Paul tells us about his weekend at the Endorse-it festival, Paul and Tony both had very late nights on Saturday, we talk about people dancing at gigs and we've recorded an answering machine for you...

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PUNKY! - 08-08-2006 - Its Judge Mental!

8 August 2006

It's a packed show this week and we're still slightly hungover from our birthday! Good job we feature music from The Loose Skrews, The Hedrons, Nikkeby Lufthavn, D66 and Riot Squad.

Paul plays the wrong song (but it was still great), hello to our new syndicated listeners on Hussieskunk and Wicked Radio, we have your Podcast Alley/Myspace comments, Paul discusses Wisconsin, Poetry Corner returns!, we have Roobie's first monthly horoscope, Tony proves that he's rubbish at spelling, "Izzatwat" is back - but is it justified?, Paul's tells us about Judge Mental and discusses cinnamon gum, Judge Mental's first judgement!, we talk about Total Talk Nonsense, we went to a pirate themed party at the weekend and we play the Twilight and Thebes promo.

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PUNKY! - 01-08-2006 - The 1st Birthday Show!

1 August 2006

It's our birthday this week and we celebrate in the only way we know how - by bringing you a new Punky! This week its a "best of" the bands we've featured so far - voted by you! The bands are Wonk Unit, Sweatmaster, Dragster, Frankenstein and The Bleach Boys... Yes thats right, from now on we feature 5 songs! Grab your Punky dictionary and get ready for the show!

We feature your Podcast Alley/Myspace comments, who is Mysstress?, we mention the Treat Tony Nicely group, we have some birthday messages, Paul talks about the great gig he went to on Saturday, Tony invites all the Punky listeners to a gig on Thursday to celebrate our birthday, we have a couple of new iTunes reviews just in time for our birthday, Tony has a great "Izzatwat", Paul talks about the second half of his US trip, we play a promo for Eclectic Mix at the end of the show but keep listening for a special message after the promo from a special guy...

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PUNKY! - 25-07-2006 - Paulyb Returns!

25 July 2006

Paulyb is back from his trip armed with tales from afar. This week is a Motor-Sounds records special and we feature music from Super Sexy Boy 1986, The Surgens, Secret Agent Men and Rock N Roll Monkey And The Robots.

We feature your Podcast Alley/Myspace comments, Tony should be banned from responding to MySpace comments, we've broken our Tardis, Tony has a great "Izzatwat", Paul introduces us to the Slomo Pogo, Poetry Corner breaks new ground this week, we briefly discuss Belgium, Paul gives us the first installment of his US trip, what happened when he met Preston Buttons and The Word Whore?, Paul tells us about Detriot, Tony mentions the Punky Owns myspace group and we talk about our birthday show next week!

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PUNKY! - 18-07-2006 - The Emergency Podcast!

18 July 2006

Paul's still on his travels, but we STILL manage to bring you a podcast! This is the emergency podcast and it features songs by Monkey Fist, Jeff Ugly Shoes and The Cemetry Surfers, Roobie Breastnut and Sweatmaster.

Sometime in the future/in the past Paul's met the Total Talk Nonsense boys but did he record a podcast with them?, Nite Klub is now available on our Myspace page, we feature your Myspace/Podcast Alley comments, Paul has an idea where all the emo's are coming from, we discuss Jeff Ugly Shoes and The Cemetry Surfers, Paul mentions the All Welsh Punk forums, Paul interviews Roobie Breastnut, we review the Empty Playgrounds fanzine (, we briefly discuss Terence Stamp, Paul talks about the two gigs he'll be attending this week, we talk about the Punky Myspace group "Punky Owns", Paul discusses the trousers he wasn't allowed to purchase and we finally feature your UK/US iTunes reviews.

Don't forget to also check out Total Talk Nonsense this week to hear their 3 part show with Paulyb.

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PUNKY! - 11-07-2006 - We're Timelords!

11 July 2006

Paul's off on his travels but we still manage to bring you a new Punky! How? We're timelords! We've travelled across the space/time continuim to bring you music from The Ray Gradys, The Tattooed Millionaires, Ciao! Manhattan and Dead Identities. Paul talks about what he's been up to on his holiday/tour, we feature the usual Podcast Alley/Myspace comments (don't forget to check out our Myspace page for our version of Love Machine and the Alice Rock acoustic track from last week), Paul does a quick review of "Nobody likes onions", we finally feature George's poem in "Poetry Corner", Tony has a last minute "Izzatwat" thanks to Daniel, we talk about Portugal's exit from the World Cup - HA!, Tony has bad news about his cat, Paul discusses his plans for this week on his US tour and hey folks, leave the time travelling to us experts...

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PUNKY! - 04-07-2006 - It's Alice Rock!!

4 July 2006

We're out of the world Cup but Alice Rock is in the studio to cheer us up! Along with an acoustic track from Alice Rock we feature songs from Airbomb, Rule 303, Sport Doen and The Confederats. We say hello to Alice!, Paul has a bumper collection of words of the week, we feature your Podcast Alley and Myspace comments, Tony has a great "Izzatwat" from Bear, Alice plays us a song!, Poetry Corner returns in all its glory..., who is Alice Rock and is she a lizard??, Paul's Five Star story, we discuss the World Cup, Paul talks about his holiday, we discuss Air Out My Shorts and Paul's inspiration for his story, Tony and Alice have so much in common and Alice tells us about her Dad's rock shop!

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PUNKY! - 27-06-2006 - Hairball 8 Psychobilly Special!

27 June 2006

We're in a great mood because England are still in the world cup! To celebrate we have a Psychobilly special this week courtesy of Hairball 8 and features songs from Concombre Zombi, Hellbats, Hayride To Hell and Mad Marge And The Stonecutters. England are playing whats left of Portugal, We feature your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Paul IS wearing pants, We discuss Air Out My Shorts, Tony has an epic "Izzatwat", The Podcast Peer Awards, Paul's gigging in Leeds this weekend, Poetry Corner goes all emo, Paul talks about his cramp and we say hello to our Hussieskunk listeners!

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PUNKY! - 20-06-2006 - True Pirate Radio!

20 June 2006

We're back and loving the World Cup! This week we feature music from The Concrete Gods, The Neurophobics, Young People With Faces and Dowina. We talk about the Punky Plan for July (well we say plan...), We discuss the World Cup, Paul the Judge!, We have your MySpace/PodcastAlley comments, Little Miss Punky is back!, We talk about King Of The Hill, We have a fantastic Word of the week, The Podcast Peer awards, EmZ speaks up on behalf of the emo population, Tony has a great "Izzatwat", Poetry Corner is back with a double bill, Tony saw Jo at the weekend and scared her!, Paul talks about his bikers gig and lets all do the angry pirate!

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PUNKY! - 13-06-2006 - The Recorder Classics Special!

13 June 2006

The World Cup is underway and Tony's just got back from Riga, good job we've got great music from The Dead Identities, The Quakes, Sweatmaster and Monkeybonez. We discuss Roobie Breastnut, We have your latest Myspace and PCA comments, Paul's going commando, Emo kids vs Blunt fans, Poetry Corner is back, Tony has an "Izzatwat" from Bear, Paul's Recorder Classics, Tony's been to Riga and the Latvian's love Smokie!, Paul talks about Steve Wright's podcast, We discuss Budweiser and we end the show with another great "Recorder Classic".

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PUNKY! - 06-06-2006 - The England World Cup Special!

6 June 2006

It's 6/6/6 today but who cares - the World Cup starts this week! So we feature some appropriate songs from Koopa, Alice Rock, F-Shovel and The Bleach Boys. Tony will be watching the first England match in Riga, We have your PodcastAlley and Myspace comments, What is the legal height for a dwarf?, Amy sends in her last list of porn titles, We talk about England fans abroad, Does Tony need some chat up lines?, Tony has the first double nominated "Izzatwat", Paul discusses his hatred of female French Canadian vocalists, Is Rolf Harris Satan? We talk old adverts, Paul talks Big Ben and Tony ruins his joke, Poetry Corner is back and Tony has the last word.

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PUNKY! - 30-05-2006 - The Block Party Hangover...!

30 May 2006

Last night was Block Party 6 and we are knackered, good job we've got some great songs from Outbreaks, Jimmy The Squirrel, Alim Qasimov and Riot Squad. We have your PodcastAlley and Myspace comments, Punky - we're uniting fans and bands across the lands!, Paul impresses with two regional accents, Tony's got a Welsh "Izzatwat", A Blunt story from Jeff Uglyshoes, Who are thicker - Aussies or Kiwis?, Paul seems to know quite a lot about sheep, Hussieskunk news and more accents!, We don't hate Emo's..., We talk about The Punky Radio Tour!, Total Talk Nonsense pre-empts us!, Block Party 6 was great, We have a couple of iTunes reviews and the next show will be on 6/6/6....

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PUNKY! - 23-05-2006 - Block Party Special!

23 May 2006

It's Block Party this week and we're in a great mood! We feature 5 songs from 4 bands (3 of which are playing Block Party 6 this Sunday, Town Mill, Mansfield), the bands are Wonk Unit, The Dirty Riffs, The Needles and The Screeches. We have your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments, Paul does his Aussie impression and attempts a Kiwi one, Tony has another Blunt related "Izzatwat", All boys schools vs Comprehensive schools, Poetry Corner this week was typed in Kitten Blood, Paul's been on national radio, Tony talks about his friday night glass dodging experience, Paul rants about spyware, We talk about our band The Chavs who are also playing Block Party 6 and don't forget Block Party 6 is this week!!!

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PUNKY! - 16-05-2006 - The Ladies Special!

16 May 2006

A ladies special this week as we feature music from Dragster, Brigitte Handley, Itchy Tits and Mad Marge and the Stonecutters. We have the usual Myspace/Podcast alley comments - don't forget to vote for us if you haven't already, Tony has a worthy "Izzatwat" and another iTunes review, Poetry Corner is back!, Paul gets accused of being sexist, Tony's been to London for the first time, Does Tony look like a dealer?, Paul's been to a wedding and proved that his sweat is the greatest accelerant known to man, Paul's got more "Purple Burglar Alarm" attempts, Who is Roobie Breastnut? and don't forget Block Party 6 is only 1 week away...

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PUNKY! - 09-05-2006 - A Wolverine Records Special!

9 May 2006

We record on a sunday again due to Pauls hectic schedule and feature music exclusively from Wolverine Records. The bands we feature are Hammercocks, The Camaros, The Bullocks and The New Morty Show. More emo talk this week and what is an emo address?, We read out your myspace and podcast alley comments (don't forget to vote if you haven't already), We help you with your homework - pass your exams the Punky way!, Paul defends his myspace rep, Amy's back and sends in some more porn titles, We discuss driving tests, "Izzatwat" is back as usual but no Poetry Corner this week - don't forget to email your poems to [email protected], Paul has a UK iTunes review from our favourite smacktard, Tony talks about his gig in Chesterfield and about his hatred of venues without bars, Paul talks about his weekend of gigs and has a devious story, Tony plugs a gig he's playing with his band Alcohol this Thursday at the Town Mill, Paul introduces us to his Bob Dylan impression, Is Tony emo? and don't forget Block Party 6 is only 2 weeks away...

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PUNKY! - 02-05-2006 - Purple Burg... Purple Burlg.... DAMMIT!

2 May 2006

After last weeks lost show nightmare, we are happy to report all is well this week! We have music from Monkeybonez, Frankenstein, Astro-Hot and The Destructors. Word of the week is seeing double, Just how many listeners DO we have in Ventura? We have your podcast alley and myspace comments and remind everyone to vote as its a new month, Paul has a drunkern interview with Dave Grave from Frankenstein, This weeks "Izzatwat" breaks new exciting grounds.... kinda, We have this weeks US and UK iTunes reviews, Poetry Corner is back this week thanks to the letters prossie, We briefly dicuss Narnia, Paul talks about his week of heavy gigging, Finally someone picks up the "Purple Burglar Alarm" gauntlet and don't forget only 3 weeks until Block Party 6!

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PUNKY! - 25-04-2006 - The Deja Vu Special!

25 April 2006

A show so nice we recorded it twice... The music tonight is supplied by Basement Records and we feature 6 bands! The bands are Outbreak, Grave For The Fireflies, Teenage Bottle Rocket, The Apers, Bullet Treatment and Next To Red. Paul and Tony go all emo this week in an attempt to get higher in the Podcast Alley charts, We have your myspace and Podcast Alley comments, Paul does his pitch perfect scottish impression, Tony's changed the Alcohol logo in honour of St George's Day, "Izzatwat" gets venomous, More St George's Day vs St Patrick's Day talk and we discuss the English flag, We talk Air Out My Shorts which inspires an impression..., Tony has some more iTunes reviews, Paul has his final word on the never ending international date dispute and don't forget Block Party 6 is only 4 weeks away...

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PUNKY! - 18-04-2006 - Normalcy Returns!

18 April 2006

All back to normal this week, well as normal as it can be with us weirdos! We feature music from The Apocalypse Babys, Frankenstein, Sport Doen and Love Haters. We feature your comments and the listeners seem to be full of love for Jo - the foul mouthed minx, Tony reads out a new special feature called "Punky - Bringing Lovers Together", We talk about iTunes and have a new iTunes review, Paul talks about, "Izzatwat" is back with another deserving target - don't forget to email [email protected] with your "Izzatwat" nominations, A dutch listener picks up the "Purple Burglar Alarm" gauntlet, Paul talks about Guy Fawkes and the date thing comes up AGAIN, We talk about Total Talk Nonsense and congratulate them on a 50th show!, Air Out My Shorts have been making good use of the Punky! dictionary, Paul has some finnish sound bites for us, Tony talks about Podzinger and don't forget Block Party 6 is only 5 weeks away...

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PUNKY! - 11-04-2006 - Its A Girl!

11 April 2006

Something's different this week... there's a girl in the studio! Jo's in and we just can't stop her swearing! This weeks music is from Disgrace, Brigitte Handley, The Johnsons and The Flesh Happening. Paul's got a great phrase of the week from his weekend, Jo's got her own interpretation of The Tunnel Of Love, We remind listeners NOT to listen to James Blunt, Jo reads the PodcastAlley comments and we discuss PodcastAlley voting, Tony has an "Izzatwat" related to some myspace tomfoolery, Jo discusses the lyrical content of "Down with Pants", Poetry Corner is back with a lyrical tale about Tony, Paul tells us about his trip to Amsterdam and don't forget we're "always looking"...

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PUNKY! - 04-04-2006 - Punk Aid is next week!

4 April 2006

It's a new month and we're looking forward to all of the gigs happening next week, to prepare you we feature music from Chelsea, The Straps, Slideshaker and Sweatmaster. We talk about the Chelsea gig next week in Mansfield and we'll be there celebrating our 2 year anniversary of our radio show, The Canibal Cow saga comes to an unexpected and non-podsafe conclusion, We have a phrase of the week from Laura, We talk about Punk Aid which is next week for more information please visit them at, Tony is rendered "Izzatwat-less" this week - don't forget to email [email protected] with your "Izzatwat" nominations, Paul is flying off to Amsterdam to see a great gig, We thank Total Talk Nonsense, Paul talks about his weekend in Scotland, Tony's month off the booze lasted 10 days, Paul has some no smoking stories from Scotland, Tony wonders if he should start smoking to make him cooler and Paul introduces the new "Poetry Corner" feature. Don't forget - please vote for Punky AND PodRiot on PodcastAlley.

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