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The Nothing Special!

28 November 2006

It's the nothing special this week! Paul's been gigging this week and Tony's been out the country... just! Luckily we've still managed to get music for you this week from River City High, The Kramers, The Black Stripe, Valdez, Reason 69 and Verbal Warning.

Paul's got a last minute word of the week, Tony's an inflatable blue poodle?, we talk safety words.. again!, we have your Myspace/PodcastAlley and BTPodshow comments!, Paul's talks about his new favourite drink, we mention BT Podshow and the whole sell out thing,Paul has a question about short people, Tony has a clarification from last week and this weeks "Izzatwat" has a pirate flavour, Paul is keen to earn the pink pound, we announce the Punky christmas party!, Tony talks briefly about his weekend in Wales, we mention Jack Black and Tenacious D and narrowly avoid another film review, was Paul's accommodation haunted this weekend?, we wonder how far we can go with the merchandise, Paul talks about his weekend's gigs, Tony's thinking about dying his hair for christmas and will Tony reveal his lodgers identity next week.... tune in!

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