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Paul has setup a bandcamp page and you can purchase his best of! Visit the page and grab yourself some tracks!

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When This Shit's All Over

Yes we're all having a crap time, but when this shit's all over...

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Tony Hearn (The Nice One)

Tony is a musician who has previously been in the bands Alcohol, El Draco, Right Hand Pink and The Chavs (along with Paul). He is currently the lead guitarist in The Apocalypse Babys.

Tony met Paulyb through Paulyb's radio show "Punk & Disorderly" on Mansfield 103.2 when Alcohol were interviewed on the Halloween show 2004. Tony co-hosted the radio show with Paul every monday night from 9pm till midnight on Mansfield 103.2 until the show finished it's run.

When he's not podcasting and playing music, Tony runs his own Computer Programming business which began in February 2006!

If you want to contact Tony then email him at [email protected], this is also the address you need to send all your "Izzatwat" requests too!

Leave Your Hat On

Tony has been bored during self isolation, watch and listen to what happens when a musician is left to his own devices...

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