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The Block Party 7 Special!

19 December 2006

It's nearly christmas, but more importantly its nearly Block Party! Tony's losing the plot and is clearly having a breakdown and the band next door just won't shut up - thankfully we've got songs from Devilish Presley, Axminister Scotchguard and The Numskulls, The Boogie Children, Alcohol, Paul B. Edwards and another one from Devilish Presley.

Captain Sensible has a message for you all to start the show, we've got your Myspace/PodcastAlley comments and Tony gets confused, we have some Blah party manifesto from The Captain but was Paul slightly relaxed?, Tony finally succumbs to Paul's charm, Midgit Mania and the Last Tango In Paris, BUM ME NOW!, Tony volunteers as the woman detracter, Paul digs out his Tony impression, this weeks "Izzatwat" goes all anonymous, "Poetry Corner" requires Paul and Tony's services, Ad Break! - quote code punky2 for your discount, Tony talks about Alcohol and obviously fancies the lead singer, we talk about The Chavs and last nights practice, The Captain discusses religion and smoking!, Paul talks about the Rock City gig at the weekend, Tony goes odd again, we talk about Block Party 7, Tony's been drinking again and chatting to listeners online and we have a final message from the Captain!

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