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The Kiss This Special!

29 August 2023

Paulyb picks up an award and probably deserves a kiss! So pucker up, have a quick mouth wash and then we can snog along to nine songs from Anti Virus, Ugly Fly Guys, Jakob Mind, First In Line, Franks & Deans, Chroma, The Wytches, Howlin’ Circus and Terrorist In Mind & The Phantom.

Dammit, Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Lovely Records, last week, did Tony go into the studio?, Forest, World Cup kiss, Award Winning, From the Vaults, Vegas, Tina has a joke for us, favourite crisp, this week, kids books, cholesterol, if everyone was like us..., Izzatwat, Lewis Schaffer and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Anti Virus - Hypnotizado
Song 2: Ugly Fly Guys – Zero Percent Proof
Song 3: Jakob Mind – Let Them Know
Song 4: First In Line - Two Sides Of The Same Coin
Song 5: Franks & Deans – Luck Be A Lady
Song 6: Chroma – Don’t Wanna Go Out
Song 7: The Wytches – Zep Step
Song 8: Howlin’ Circus - Innocence
Song 9: Terrorist In Mind & The Phantom – Damned Generation

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