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The Crispy Jingles Special!

6 June 2023

Paul's in Spain, Tony's probably working, so it's more or less business as usual! So, enjoy nine songs from Senseless, North Sea Fever, A.T.I, The Dirt, Steroid Kiddies, The Dirty Nil, The Downhauls, Cyril Cyril & Meridian Brothers and KDV Deviators.

Tina has a joke for us, Comedy Suburbs, Dammit Records, jingles, Tony has your Facebook comments, Timo, Facebook Page, last week, a bit of honesty, crisp facts!, From the Vaults, crisp facts 2: crisp harder, Malibu Lou interview, Rum Bar Records, no Izzatwat this week, crisp facts with a vengence and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Senseless - Senseless
Song 2: North Sea Fever - Freakshow
Song 3: A.T.I. – Auf Der Suche
Song 4: The Dirt - Power Junkies
Song 5: Steroid Kiddies – Seaside Teaser
Song 6: The Dirty Nil – Blowing Up Things In The Woods
Song 7: The Downhauls – Don’t Care
Song 8: Cyril Cyril & Meridian Brothers – Diablos De Chuao
Song 9: KDV Deviators – The Source

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