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The 900th Punky Special!

13 December 2022

This week we celebrate our 900th show by having a nice relaxed time and revisiting nine of our favourite songs from The Rippers, Sweatmaster, Wonk Unit, Bottlefight, The Penetrators, The Scurge, 3CR, Limozine and Asakusa Jinta.

Punky has reached show 900, how this week's show is gonna work, The Rippers, Ritz crackers, Sweatmaster, do leave us a Facebook comment, Wonk Unit, Bottlefight!, Hussieskunk, From the Vaults, Fred's tingly balls, favourite gig, Vice Squad?, Crash Induction, The Scurge, 3CR, it's a growler reference!, Limozine, Show 999 and 1000, Asakusa Jinta and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Rippers – Right Time To Kill You
Song 2: Sweatmaster – Good Looks, Big Deal
Song 3: Wonk Unit – Murderer’s Shoe
Song 4: Bottlefight – Rock 'n' Roll 'Til You Shit Your Pants
Song 5: The Penetrators - Shopping Bag
Song 6: The Scurge - Harlow
Song 7: 3CR - What A Fucking Carry On
Song 8: Limozine – Twenty Greatest Hits
Song 9: Asakusa Jinta – Ride And Bend

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