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The Bitey Time Traveller Special!

16 August 2022

Hot weather and a strange illness make for an odd week. Luckily we still can bring you the usual crap chat and nine great songs from Slaughter And The Dogs, The Legless Crabs, The Beelines, Girls In Synthesis, The Streetwalkin’ Cheetas, Black Bear Kiss, Black Cat Biscuit, Hard Times and The Young Hasselhoffs.

Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, The Beelines, Tony has your Facebook comments, last week, best laid plans, Frenzy of Tongs, The Sandman, Locke and Key, From the Vaults, no gigs this week, Emma Raducanu, this week, MOT and accounts, upcoming holiday, Izzatwat, Stiv, The Hoff and what would the soup dragon say?

Song 1: Slaughter And The Dogs – Cocaine Smile
Song 2: The Legless Crabs – Human Flies
Song 3: The Beelines – You’re Not Listening
Song 4: Girls In Synthesis – Watch With Mother
Song 5: The Streetwalkin’ Cheetas – Cherry Bomb
Song 6: Black Bear Kiss – Chasing All I Know
Song 7: Black Cat Biscuit – Two Seconds Man
Song 8: Hard Times – Do Ya Feel Like Lovin’
Song 9: The Young Hasselhoffs – Life Got In The Way

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