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The FartyGate Special!

7 June 2022

It might not be our Jubilee this week, but that does not make us any less excited. So lock up the Corgis, bunt out the bunting and love yourself royally with nine songs from The Fiends, Acid Claw, The Legendary Swagger, The Tonks, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Sewer Cats, The Sweet Things, BKO and The Dreadnoughts.

Wales, Voice of Jeff, Comedy Suburbs, Tony does not has your Facebook comments, Twitter, last week, Tony did not leave the house a great deal, bank holiday, Nutty Nottingham, cricket, England v Hungary, The Boys, Jubilee Concert, From the Vaults, no gigs, buy us a pint, this week, nihilism, Stranger Things, Izzatwat, Guns, Knives, we love pottery and so should you.

Song 1: The Fiends – Why’s It So Liberating
Song 2: Acid Claw - Sleepwalker
Song 3: The Legendary Swagger - She
Song 4: The Tonks – Back To The 70s
Song 5: The Sisters Of Mercy - Jolene
Song 6: The Sewer Cats – Will To Survive
Song 7: The Sweet Things – Brown Leather
Song 8: BKO – Djina Bora
Song 9: The Dreadnoughts – Battleford 1885

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