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The Space Vagina Special!

17 August 2021

This week we hold off the coming apocalpyse with pure kitten power, it's the only way to truly be sure. So grab those diarys, find a suitable writing implement and be inspired by nine world saving songs from The Bambies, Trigger Cut, E.T. Explore Me, Sister Suzie, The Cramps, Millie Manders And The Shut Up, Los Chicos, Umbrella Assassins and Beach Riot.

Oops, Comedy Suburbs, Voice of Jeff, Tony has your Facebook comments, Myspace, last week, our new cover, running, Apocalypse Babys update, Brand New Cherry Flavour, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, cleaning, Izzatwat, OMD and as the apocalypse is now officially on us we hope you enjoyed your life and thank you for listening... Bon Voyage!

Song 1: The Bambies – Teen Engine
Song 2: Trigger Cut – Solid State
Song 3: E.T. Explore Me – Drug Me
Song 4: Sister Suzie – Are You Gonna (Give Me A Kiss)
Song 5: The Cramps – Eyeball In My Martini
Song 6: Millie Manders And The Shut Up – Broken Record
Song 7: Los Chicos – Party Train
Song 8: Umbrella Assassins – Missed The Bus
Song 9: Beach Riot - Wraith

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