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The Specifically Random Special!

10 August 2021

The Olympics are over. If you want to continue supporting winners at the peak of their game, then dust off the gold medals, clear the podium and behold the glory of Punky with nine songs from Iron Lizards, Sleemo, Natalie Sweet, Chad Calamity & The CTGBs, Restless, Damn Vandals, Frau Blucher And The Drunken Horses, Flea and Das Kapitans.

Comedy Suburbs, Voice of Jeff, Tony has your Facebook comments, Dammit, Nes, no excuse not to listen, over the years, last week, not a lot happening for Tony, Olympics, horse punching, From the Vaults, Paulyb picks a gig... in the world... yeah, Blazing Saddles, this week, Apocalypse Babys, we're working on a new cover, Total Talk Nonsense, Bob's Burgers, Izzatwat and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Iron Lizards – Obey Annihilate
Song 2: Sleemo – Imitate The Thief
Song 3: Natalie Sweet – Video Phone
Song 4: Chad Calamity & The CTGBs – Part Of The Problem
Song 5: Restless – The Girl On Death Row
Song 6: Damn Vandals – This City
Song 7: Frau Blucher And The Drunken Horses – God Is Dead
Song 8: Flea - Banal
Song 9: Das Kapitans – Kickin Off

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