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The Nilch Special!

24 November 2020

It's the last week of November, the next time we meet it will be December and this shit show of a year will nearly be over. So come join us as we while away the time with nine songs from The Cavemen, Frauds, Jiffy Marx, Podium, Guana Batz, Hot Breath, Punky Ruckus, The Hickeys and Bipolar.

Additional material, Stiv is wiv Stiv, Nilch?, Tony doesn't have your Facebook comments, Amazon review!, last week, work work work, Forest v Barnsley, PBETV, Bongs of Praise, Doctors, From the Vaults, no gigs, Cafepress, Donations, this week, not a whole lot, lockdown, Izzatwat, Captain Marbles and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Cavemen - Nightmare
Song 2: Frauds - Copenhagen
Song 3: Jiffy Marx – She’s My Witch
Song 4: Podium – Todo Lo Que Quiero
Song 5: Guana Batz - Seethrough
Song 6: Hot Breath – Bad Feeling
Song 7: Punky Ruckus – Gimme A Break (I’m Under Pressure)
Song 8: The Hickeys - Anemone
Song 9: Bipolar – Fist Fight

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