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The Halloween Part 1 Special!

27 October 2020

It's the highlight of the Punky calendar and rather than splurge it all up the wall in one show, we're going full tantric and stretching out the experience over 2 monstrous shows. So assume the position and gargle down nine spooktastic songs from Dr Vampire, Escobar, Slander Tongue, Limozine, The Revillos, Degenerate Jim, The Phlegm, Restless and 30 Miles.

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Song 1: Dr Vampire – Wolfman Stomp
Song 2: Escobar – Stranger In Blood
Song 3: Slander Tongue - Lucifer
Song 4: Limozine – Good Girls Don’t Bite
Song 5: The Revillos – The Fiend
Song 6: Degenerate Jim – The Dead Rise Again
Song 7: The Phlegm - Zombie Girl
Song 8: Restless – All Night Long
Song 9: 30 Miles – The Beasts

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