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The God Gave Lockdown Roll To You Special!

12 May 2020

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Discord let's us down but Skype swoops in, takes us in it's virtual arms and sweeps us off our very real feet. So whilst we recover from our flight through cyberspace let us settle down for another chunk of lockdown loveliness featuring tracks from The Suicide Notes, Bony Macaroni, Gingersfarne, WACO, Restless, Electraluxx, Evil Creek, Chouk Bwa And The Angstromers and The Thigh Scrapers.

Comedy Suburbs, episode names and numbers, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jeff, El Draco and the Pieces of Hate, Jen Glen Glen Jen, donations, last week, 9 to 5, four's a crowd, PBETV, Once Upon A Time In London, Restless, From the Vaults, no gigs, Rebellion is cancelled, the future of gigs, music submit, this week, audio book, no Izzatwat this week, Boris, lockdown next stage and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: The Suicide Notes – On The Rocks
Song 2: Bony Macaroni - MDA
Song 3: Gingersfarne – Blaydon Races
Song 4: WACO – Good Days
Song 5: Restless – V E D A Y Boogie Woogie
Song 6: Electraluxx – My Mom
Song 7: Evil Creek – Lickin Cousins
Song 8: Chouk Bwa And The Angstromers – Sali Lento
Song 9: The Thigh Scrapers – On The Radio

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