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The MPF 2020 Special!

17 December 2019

2019 is slowly coming to a close, and what better way to fill the gap between now and Christmas - than a preview of some of the bands playing Manchester Punk Festival 2020. So get ready for nine great songs from Belvedere, Accidente, Unfulfilled Fate, Karl Phillips & The Rejects, Fire Exit, Roughneck Riot, Grande Royale, Oi Polloi and Eastfield.

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Song 1: Belvedere – The Architect
Song 2: Accidente – Escupe El Mar
Song 3: Unfulfilled Fate – I Hate Myself For What You’ve Done
Song 4: Karl Phillips & The Rejects – Attack The Brain
Song 5: Fire Exit – The First Time
Song 6: Roughneck Riot – This Is Our Day
Song 7: Grande Royale – Saved by Rock N Roll
Song 8: Oi Polloi – Donald Trump Fuck You
Song 9: Eastfield – Another Boring Eastfield Song

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