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The Joke Confusion Special!

24 September 2019

A great show this week, and you might even learn a bit more about Kajagoogoo! So, be seated and get ready for..... TEN superb songs from Vice Squad, Indonesian Junk, Wonk Unit, Brooders, Ruts, True Moon, The New Piccadillys, Das Clamps, Suicide Generation and The Scurge.

Vice Squad Cherry Red comp, comedy suburbs, Wonk Unit, Tony has your Facebook comments, WHAMBOLT, problems and solutions, Iron Mike, Leighton Buzzard, Kajagoogoo, last week, funeral, Oslo, From the Vaults, Ruts, Tony's International Gig Guide, Wigan, this week, not a whole lot happening, best ever Clash cover?, no Izzatwat this week, cafepress and we let the Scurge play out the show uninterrupted!

Song 1: Vice Squad – Black Sheep
Song 2: Indonesian Junk – Mean Christine
Song 3: Wonk Unit - Cyclists
Song 4: Brooders - Minefield
Song 5: Ruts – Whatthefuckingfuckarewegonnadonow
Song 6: True Moon – My Revolution
Song 7: The New Piccadillys – Complete Control
Song 8: Das Clamps – You Got Good Sh*t
Song 9: Suicide Generation – Prisoner Of Love
Song 10: The Scurge - Bunch Of Can'ts

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