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The Biting And Melting Special!

27 August 2019

Warm, Sweaty and Bitten. No these aren't the new droids in Star Wars - but we do have the tunes you are looking for... So anyway, get ready for nine great songs from MC16, The Control Freaks, Sore Points, The Gotham Rockets, The Swampys, Indonesia Junk, GINO And The GOONS, You Want Fox and Scarecrow.

MC16, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, the real us, last week, Stag do with Robin of the Hood, You Want Fox, From the Vaults, Guana Batz, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, dentist, no band practice, Nutty Nottingham Tours, no Izzatwat this week, Timo's web corrections, and we welcome Popeye Smurf.

Song 1: MC16 – Burn It Down
Song 2: The Control Freaks – Hate List
Song 3: Sore Points – Not Alright
Song 4: The Gotham Rockets – Nothing But A Man
Song 5: The Swampys – El Ranchero
Song 6: Indonesia Junk – City Lights
Song 7: GINO And The GOONS – Black Leather Blue Denim
Song 8: You Want Fox - Vixen
Song 9: Scarecrow – I Miss Her Screaming

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