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The Cars Be Breaking Special!

2 July 2019

Whilst we try and avoid Glastonbury and get ready to finally watch the B-52s - we bring you nine great songs from Xenu & The Thetans, Classic Ruins, Hot Breath, Bony Macaroni, Swell Maps, Offbeat, Ruotomieli, Los Chicos and Telekrimen.

Slovenly, Glastonbury, Tony has your Facebook comments, The Dark Shadows, Timo, last week, Tony's car brokedown, RAC, Paul's car brokedown, The AA, From the Vaults, Paul's Mum, Cliff, Tony's International Gig Guide, The Apocalypse Babys, this week, The B-52s, haircut, new car, Izzatwat, crowd surfing, mosh pits and a reminder of the ways you can listen.

Song 1: Xenu & The Thetans – Muy Ocupado
Song 2: Classic Ruins – Cheap Champagne
Song 3: Hot Breath - Got It All
Song 4: Bony Macaroni – Atlas Fugged
Song 5: Swell Maps – Black Velvet
Song 6: Offbeat – Bumble Bee
Song 7: Ruotomieli – Ei Oo Helppoo Kun On Vaikeaa
Song 8: Los Chicos – Land Of A Million Dances
Song 9: Telekrimen – El Ultimo Dia

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