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The Jentastic Special!

18 June 2019

As Tony slowly falls to pieces, we get our professional arses in gear and bring you nine great songs from Voodoo Radio, Jittery Jack, The Candy Snatchers, Mutagenicos, Viki Vortex & The Cumshots, Adventures Of Salvador, The Jackets, Chaos Bleak and Freedom Faction.

Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, a whole lotta Jen, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jen, professional musicians, L.O.A.D., cyclists, last week, migraines, Tony went to see Rocketman, Nutty Nottingham tours, cricket world cup, Wigsville Spliffs, Zipheads, Tommo, From the Vaults, Rebellion, Tony's International Gig Guide, this week, not a whole lot happening, gigs, the dark lord, no Izzatwat this week, Radio Folkestone and we remind you of the various ways you can listen.

Song 1: Voodoo Radio – Turn Out The Light
Song 2: Jittery Jack – Something Wicked This Way Comes
Song 3: The Candy Snatchers – If You Can’t Have Fun, You Ain’t No Fun
Song 4: Mutagenicos - Autocontrol
Song 5: Viki Vortex & The Cumshots – Window Shopping
Song 6: Adventures Of Salvador – Prettier Than You
Song 7: The Jackets – What About You
Song 8: Chaos Bleak – Funeral In Berlin
Song 9: Freedom Faction – Old Man

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