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The C.O.B.S Special!

4 December 2018

This week is Cherry Red Retrospective Box Set Crazy! It's not all Cherry or Red though, but do expect nine great songs from GBH, Tiger, Priors, Limozine, The Brats, Adrenaline Animals, Stop Calling Me Frank, Saviours Of Music and Angelic Upstarts.

Cherry Red, Paul's Facebook exchange with the lead singer of Tiger, Tony has your Facebook comments, Timo let's us know when to expect show 700, Feb 2019 is going to be busy, we are now on Spotify, feeds and shows, missing shows, last week, Tony might be joining The Apocalypse Babys, Paul has painted The Wall, emergency MC, Barnsley, Greggs, From the Vaults, Apocalypse Babys Local Hero..., Tony's International Gig Guide, Veganism to be a religion?, C.O.B.S, this week, band practice, Robin Hood, Not My Good Arm, no Izzatwat this week, struggling with Doctor Who, a new Podchaser review and why not sign up for The Church Of Bacon Sandwiches.

Song 1: GBH – Needle in A Haystack
Song 2: Tiger – I’m In Love With RAF Nurse
Song 3: Priors - Provoked
Song 4: Limozine – Black Sunglasses
Song 5: The Brats – Be A Man
Song 6: Adrenaline Animals – This Is England
Song 7: Stop Calling Me Frank – Rockin And Rollin
Song 8: Saviours Of Music – Arak No Phobia
Song 9: Angelic Upstarts – Let’s Build A Bomb

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