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The Spicy Sandcastles Special!

2 October 2018

October is always a special month for Punky, and it's extra special this month as we've had lots of great music come through from Cherry Red - so expect some interesting compilations over the next few weeks and of course there will be the Halloween special coming! In the meantime, get ready for nine great songs from Splodgenessabounds, Off Beat, Indonesian Junk, Iron Lamb, Howard Jones, Alien Sex Fiend, Mark Sultan, Johnny Mafia and The Fall.

Truncheon Meat Salad?, Cherry Red, no Poetry Corner this week, sandcastle star, Tony has your Facebook comments, Facebook song, Paulmas Nottingham Tour, WHAMBOLT, The Beatles, it's all about the spice?, last week, Tony went to Sherwood Forest, The Major Oak, Nutty Nottingham tour, door handle madness, new lodger, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Pornscars, Alien Sex Field, the week ahead, Tony may hire some hire, Paul's off to Oslo, no Izzatwat, Izzatwat theme tune, Podchaser and a reminder of the stations which feature us.

Song 1: Splodgenessabounds – Truncheon Meat Squad
Song 2: Off Beat – Little Sensation
Song 3: Indonesian Junk – C’mon And Love Me
Song 4: Iron Lamb – Apocalypse Express
Song 5: Howard Jones - Conditioning
Song 6: Alien Sex Fiend - Carcass
Song 7: Mark Sultan – Let Me Out
Song 8: Johnny Mafia – Each Side
Song 9: The Fall – Venice With The Girls

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