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The Spectacular Centipede Special!

25 September 2018

Brexit, Angry Poetry, Bad Translations, Mermaids... this weeks show has it all! If that scares you then don't worry we still have the usual nine great songs from Tommy And The Commies, Sweet Ignitions, Stop calling Me Frank, Sloks, Biznaga, Dreamherbs, Stöj Snak, The Venus Flytrap and Crashed Out.

Sudbury Ontario, early swearing, Chantel and Allan, Poetry Corner, we're both part of the problem, Tony has your Facebook comments, some people don't like our Facebook jingle, Picket Painting Jen, a picture of Tony, last week, Tony went to the council to ask for money, Brexit has stolen all the money, Paul went to see Sweet Charity, Dukes Arms, Weetabix, plasterboard problems, pity the mermaids, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Milton Keynes, the week ahead, Tony will be working, Nottingham Forest, Nutty Nottingham tours, Nottingham Castle, Pierre is coming back to do some more odd jobs, no Izzatwat this week and we talk about a relatively unknown band called The Beatles..?

Song 1: Tommy And The Commies – Throwaway Love
Song 2: Sweet Ignitions - Holy Scars
Song 3: Stop calling Me Frank – Every Time I See Her
Song 4: Sloks - Killer
Song 5: Biznaga – Arte Bruto
Song 6: Dreamherbs – Break Your Jaw
Song 7: Stöj Snak- 1000 Daisies
Song 8: The Venus Flytrap – Voodoo Voodoo
Song 9: Crashed Out - Cut My Teeth On You

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