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The Curiously Anal Special!

21 August 2018

Paul surprises this week with a whole lotta anal... who knew? In addition to the usual greatness, and the now regular contributions from Sussex Saint, we have nine great songs from Subsonics, Nerdlinger, The Glúcks, Beauty In Chaos, Long Tall Texans, Grande Royale, Crashed Out, Moron’s Morons and The Hounds Gate Traitors.

Paul is Anal, the children of Sussex Saint, Poetry Corner, hitting Belgium, Tony has your Facebook comments, Edinburgh, Beauty In Chaos, Fat Boy, last week,Nutty Nottingham tour, the wall, From the Vaults, the silent lodger, Tony's International Gig Guide, PGOTW, Paulyb picks a gig in the world yeah, Long Tall Texans, The Pit and Pendulum, this week, Tony is working, Paul talks about lodger number 3, no Izzatwat this week, Izzatwat theme tune, Sussex Saint, Podchaser, Tony's getting more northern and lodger number 1 helps us with the last band.

Song 1: Subsonics – You Got Eyes
Song 2: Nerdlinger – Fat Gav
Song 3: The Glúcks – Tough Luck
Song 4: Beauty In Chaos – Storm
Song 5: Long Tall Texans – What Part of Fuck Off (Don’t You Understand)
Song 6: Grande Royale – On The Loose (Live)
Song 7: Crashed Out – Still A Fighter
Song 8: Moron’s Morons – Rate Your Teacher
Song 9: The Hounds Gate Traitors – The Mercy Chest

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