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The Whambolt Special!

8 May 2018

It's the final week of our Cheery Red Burning Britain specials, so get ready for nine great songs from The Varukers, Xtract, HAXXAN, Wonk Unit, Fabulous Poodles, Static Kill, The Glucks, Subculture and The Blood.

Burning Britain, Veruca?, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Star Wars day, Whambolt, HAXXAN?, Wonk Unit, last week, bank holiday weekend, Avengers, Hitchin, From the Vaults, Fabulous Poodles, Halloween, TuneIn, Tony's International Gig Guide, Foremans, the week ahead, Infinity War, Chappie, The Virgin Witch, no Izzatwat this week, UK iTunes reviews, The Cat Milker, The Blood and WHAMBOLT!

Song 1: The Varukers – Die For Your Government
Song 2: Xtract – Blame it On The Youth
Song 3: HAXXAN – Nothing Ever Changes
Song 4: Wonk Unit – As The Rest Of The World Sleeps
Song 5: Fabulous Poodles – Bike Blood
Song 6: Static Kill – Band Of Brothers
Song 7: The Glucks – Why Do I Love You
Song 8: Subculture – Loud And Clear
Song 9: The Blood - Megalomania

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