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The Too Slick Special!

1 May 2018

April is at an end, but as one month closes it's doors, another month just comes along and welcomes us with it's oh so pretty words and seductive eyes. Whilst we decide on whether to trust this new month, we bring you week 3 of our Burning Britain special so get ready for another great nine songs from The Swindells, The Ejected, The Lurkers, Lucy And The Rats, Demented Are Go, Subsonics, Violators, Major Accident and Crippled Earn.

Burning Britain, The Lurkers, Tony has your Facebook comments, Pocko, too slick to be live, Alexa, last week, Tony has been working, Paul went to Oslo, kebab wars, Smart Meter, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Evesham, Foremans Bar Nottingham, this week, Avengers Infinity War, Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology, Hitchin this Saturday, no Izzatwat this week, iTunes reviews and hello to the Dukes Arms!

Song 1: The Swindells – The Wretches Ballad
Song 2: The Ejected – Have You Got 10p
Song 3: The Lurkers – Drag You Out
Song 4: Lucy And The Rats – Hold On Me
Song 5: Demented Are Go – Rubber Plimsoles
Song 6: Subsonics – In The Black Spot
Song 7: Violators – Summer Of 81
Song 8: Major Accident – Mr Nobody
Song 9: Crippled Earn – Disappointed And Disengaged

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