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The RIP LimoDean Special!

10 April 2018

We've had some terrible news through this week about LimoDean of the fantastic Limozine, so whilst we struggle to process it - let's listen to another nine great songs from The Derellas, The Country Dark, No Matter, Culture Shock, Limozine, Dead Drummer, Wonk Unit, Death Party UK and Gravves.

No additional material this week, Tony has your Facebook comments, a great new listener, old shows, Canadana origins, Pocko get's in touch, Chelsea, Manchester Punk Festival, Paul talks about his Saturday night Hitchin show, Commonwealth Games, RIP LimoDean, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paulyb picks a gig, in the world... yeah!, Wonk Unit, the week ahead, Tony's busy busy busy, no Izzatwat this week, iTunes reviews, Gravves? Grav Ves? Graves? and a reminder of the stations which carry us!

Song 1: The Derellas – High Rise Supersize
Song 2: The Country Dark – Black Diamond Train
Song 3: No Matter – El Bait
Song 4: Culture Shock - Visibility
Song 5: Limozine – You’ve Been Limozined
Song 6: Dead Drummer - Mortified
Song 7: Wonk Unit – Day Job Wanker
Song 8: Death Party UK – A Lucifer In Red
Song 9: Gravves – Hello Sailor

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