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The World Has Gone Mad Special!

13 March 2018

As the world goes slightly more and more strange by the day - we help restore some sense of the norm by bringing you nine great songs from Lupers, Drink And Drive, Sister Cookie & MFC Chicken, Piss River, Hancox, Gravves, Greasy & Grizzly, 24 Club and Juana Chicharro.

Lupers, International Womans Day, FOLC Compilation, International Fuckwitery, Greek football, Tony has your Facebook comments, Dukes Arms, Tony's tiling, last week, Tony went out to celebrate his birthday, The Alchemist, The Shape Of Water, masterbation in the bath tub, post Pelham party, From the Vaults, Hancox, The Flowerpot in Derby, Tony's International Gig Guide, Punky Gig of the Week, Sumo Cyco, Man from UNCLE, Word of the Week, the week ahead, Paul get's all mysterious about next Saturday, Izzatwat, Theresa May Party Botherer and a reminder of the stations which feature us.

Song 1: Lupers - Gatillazo
Song 2: Drink And Drive – Springtime For Drink And Drive
Song 3: Sister Cookie & MFC Chicken - DMAF
Song 4: Piss River - Desolation
Song 5: Hancox – Black Door City
Song 6: Gravves - Powerbomb
Song 7: Greasy & Grizzly – Quiero Mas
Song 8: 24 Club – Tell Me What You Want
Song 9: Juana Chicharro – Batalla Naval

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