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The Rules For A Reason Special!

13 February 2018

Despite our ever increasing ages, and the ever increasing unreliability of Skype, we battle on and still manage to bring you another almost perflectly formed Punky Radio featuring nine great songs from Pizzatramp, The Dead Brothers, Buzzbomb, Bee Bee Sea, Altered Images, Ricky Hell & The Voidboys, Migraines, Wau Y Los Arrrghs and Merry Widow.

Pizzatramp, Alex from Wonk Unit, Comedy Suburbs, an old joke from Simon, Jim Cannamela, Tony has your Facebook comments, great response to last weeks music, Sef Cat Milker, which pub?, last week, Tony did nothing, Paul's post birthday fun, sore mouth, Winter Olympics weather, Mark E. Smith documentary, armrest organiser, From the Vaults, Clare Grogan, Cherry Red Records, Tony's International Gig Guide, Feast Fest, this week, Tony's Birthday, Paul had to cancel his York trip, no Izzatwat this week, pancake day, breakfast in America, McDonalds and a reminder of the stations which feature us.

Song 1: Pizzatramp – Claire Voyant
Song 2: The Dead Brothers – Ghost Train
Song 3: Buzzbomb - Graveland
Song 4: Bee Bee Sea – No Fellas
Song 5: Altered Images – Dead Pop Stars
Song 6: Ricky Hell & The Voidboys – U Look Like A Cop
Song 7: Migraines - Pussies
Song 8: Wau Y Los Arrrghs – El Mananero
Song 9: Merry Widow – Via Di Qua

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