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The Paulmas Special!

6 February 2018

As Paulmas rears it's head once again, and we actually record on Paulmas Day itself! If that wasn't exciting enough imagine our joy as we bring you another nine great tracks from The Dahmers, The Heiz, Bloodcocks UK, The Kramers, The Rezillos, The Loons, Hack The Mainframe, Hitlist Youth and Piss River.

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Song 1: The Dahmers – Reoccurring Dreams
Song 2: The Heiz – Too Much Rock N Roll Business
Song 3: Bloodcocks UK – Mothra Vs. Frankenstein
Song 4: The Kramers – Media Eyes
Song 5: The Rezillos – Getting Me Down
Song 6: The Loons – Saturday’s Son
Song 7: Hack The Mainframe - Coriander
Song 8: Hitlist Youth – is This Disco?
Song 9: Piss River – Bad Reputation

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