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The Manchester Punk Festival Special!

23 November 2016

This week's show narrowly avoids an arse crisis as we fall into the loving arms of the Manchester Punk Festival. Get ready for 9 great tracks from The Living Daylights, Grand Collapse, Mighty Midgets, Faintest Idea, The Fall, Maid Of Ace, Larrakia, The Domestics and Sweet Empire.

Do you know the way to Lincoln?, Manchester Punk Festival, I Don't Know What They're Singing, Smash Hits, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, we talk about last week, dentist fun, Wonk Unit gig, half pint pub crawl, From the Vaults, someone else's life long fall fan, Tony's International Gig Guide, Mariah Carey..., Tony's band, Tony's hunting for a bassist, back to the dentist, Paul's having a quiet week, toad in the hole, Izzatwat, InsaneStar, knicker express, arse crisis and we remind you of the stations which carry the show!

Song 1: The Living Daylights – Maybe Escapes
Song 2: Grand Collapse – Touch Paper
Song 3: Mighty Midgets – Thoughts On Article 19
Song 4: Faintest Idea – Circle The Drain
Song 5: The Fall - Psychomafia
Song 6: Maid Of Ace – Maid In England
Song 7: Larrakia - Succeed
Song 8: The Domestics – I Love My Job
Song 9: Sweet Empire – Unsolving Problems

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