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The Tokyo Sex Whale Special!

19 October 2016

One week until Halloween! Whilst we slowly prepare ourselves for the coming of that certain danky danky Punky monkey, we manage to bring you nine great songs from Pizzatramp, Disjecta Membra, The Mobbs, Allusondrugs, Theatre of Hate, Death Party UK, Wonk Unit, Origami Horses and The Hillbilly Moon Explosion.

The mean streets of South Wales, I Don't Know What They're Singing, Morrissey joins us, Disjecta Membra, Tony has your Facebook comments, TBFM, last week, tiling madness, Paul talks about his gigs, Blewbury, Reggae, age is but a number..., From the Vaults, Theatre of Hate, Tony's International Gig Guide, Tokyo Sex Whale, Wonk Unit, 2nd track theory, Tony hopes this week a bassist will complete his band, Braughing, Paul's garden update, algebra talk, no Twat, the radio stations which feature us, Halloween show next week and why not review us at iTunes?

Song 1: Pizzatramp – Queen Of Ringland
Song 2: Disjecta Membra - Lilitu
Song 3: The Mobbs – Mojo Degradation
Song 4: Allusondrugs – Good People
Song 5: Theatre of Hate - Propaganda
Song 6: Death Party UK – Rocking All Through The Night
Song 7: Wonk Unit – I Told You So
Song 8: Origami Horses – Origami Horses
Song 9: The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Depression

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