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The Chirpy Mo Fo Special!

3 August 2016

Summer is here and all is very busy in Punky Radioland, but as always we still find time to bring you a cracking set of songs from Rattleplague, The Speedlights, Molly’s Daggers, White Ape, Wonk Unit, Emnibis, The Accelerators, Unit 5 Studios and The Electric Cocks.

Denton Texas, alwaysh optimistic, Tony has your Facebook comments, is it Jen? is it Glen?, Goopa Goopa - the origin story, proper animal carnage?, Molly’s Daggers review, Tony talks about meeting up with Carl, MonkeyFist, Tony's prone to hangovers, the new band, Paul talks about the Golf dinner gig, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, Green Door Store, Double Down Saloon in Vegas, the week ahead, Tony's off on holiday next week, Paul's now in charge of Alternative Nottingham, first meet up event, Scotland news?, Tony talks about the Unit 5 studios track, Izzatwat and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry the show.

Song 1: Rattleplague – Parasite Brothel
Song 2: The Speedlights – Gotta Get Back To You
Song 3: Molly’s Daggers – Give Up Your Lovin’ To Me
Song 4: White Ape – Ever Get The Feeling You’ve Been Cheated
Song 5: Wonk Unit – King’s Road Sporting Heroes
Song 6: Emnibis - Breakthrough
Song 7: The Accelerators – Sun. Surf And Sand
Song 8: Unit 5 Studios - Life
Song 9: The Electric Cocks – Electric Cock

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