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The That Was An Interesting Week Special!

29 June 2016

Well, where we do start? Whilst we discuss this weeks news and get ready for the tennis - we bring you nine great songs from Lovesores, The Cavemen, The Weegees, Bullet Height, The Mobbs, Guilty By Association, The Accelerators, ROTPM and The Gashers.

EU Referendum, United? Kingdom, Scotland, this week's music reflects events, Tony has your Facebook comments, Football, England v Iceland, future England manager?, Tony's International Gig Guide, Sussex Saint, Paul's off to Tring this week, EU Referendum part 2!, young vote vs old vote, Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, General Election, Farage, Tony has a migraine, toast!, Izzatwat, benefits of the weak pound and a reminder of the stations which carry us.

Song 1: Lovesores – This Wicked World
Song 2: The Cavemen – Juvenile Delinquent
Song 3: The Weegees – You Gotta Work
Song 4: Bullet Height – Hold Together
Song 5: The Mobbs – I Am The Anticlimax
Song 6: Guilty By Association – Let’s Go Crazy
Song 7: The Accelerators – Take It Or Leave It
Song 8: ROTPM - Rrose Selavy
Song 9: The Gashers – Curtains

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