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The A Right Noise Special!

19 April 2016

Ooooo it's a right noise this week! Get ready for some great tracks from The Cavemen, Nightmen, The Muddies, You Want Fox, Fifty Foot Combo, Stuck With Green, Wet Ones, Slap Betty and BarCreeps.

The Cavemen, an apology, Comedy Suburbs, Malmö, not Scandinavia, Vaajakoski, Mint Source, longest running independent original music podcast?, You Want Fox, Tony's getting diggy with it, plinth, guitar practice, From the Vaults, Fifty Foot Combo, Ghent, Tony's International Gig Guide, we are doing very little this week, Paul's new dentist, iTunes issues, car insurance woes, Izzatwat and a brief reminder of the stations which carry us!

Song 1: The Cavemen – Trash Talkin’ Paint Huffin’ Girl
Song 2: Nightmen – Tonight Is The Night
Song 3: The Muddies - Don’t Touch Your Dick With The Chili Hands
Song 4: You Want Fox – Ex Boyfriend
Song 5: Fifty Foot Combo – Trop Sauvage
Song 6: Stuck With Green – Never Too Late
Song 7: Wet Ones – Waaah Waaah Waaah
Song 8: Slap Betty – List Of The Things I Hate
Song 9: BarCreeps – The Hour Between Dog And Wolf

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