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The #tonysmanboobs Special!

29 March 2016

As well we bringing you the usual dose of Punky goodness, we test to see if Tony's trending theory is correct. As if that wasn't interesting enough we also have 9 great songs by Smilex, Crumbsnatchers, The Vermin, Guilty by Associaton, Bleach Boys, Attack Ships On Fire, Peccadilloes, John Kacnhowski and The Virginmarys.

Comedy Suburbs, #tonysmanboobs, Knoxville, Tony has your Facebook comments, the Other Paul B get's in touch, Facebook song, are we the longest running regular independent podcast in the world?, tingly balls, shopping for jumpers, farting with veg, Paul went to the Punk gig at the Maze, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, The Bleach Boys, April Fools, Izzatwat, South Park with Radiohead and we finish on a bit of symmetry.

Song 1: Smilex – Dead Man’s Dirge
Song 2: Crumbsnatchers – Tin Foil friend
Song 3: The Vermin – Girl Says No
Song 4: Guilty by Associaton - Another Day
Song 5: Bleach Boys – H.U.A.
Song 6: Attack Ships On Fire – Double Down Saloon
Song 7: Peccadilloes – Tough Guys
Song 8: John Kacnhowski – The Plan
Song 9: The Virginmarys – Dead Man’s Shoes

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