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The Mild Quirkiness Special!

2 February 2016

We enter February but it might as well be the Twilight Zone as Tony seems to be doing stuff whilst Paul stays home... but don't be afraid we still have great music from Zatopeks, Petrol Girls, My Cruel Goro, White Ape, Demented Are Go, Faintest Idea, Slap Betty, Lizette & and The Franceens.

Manchester Punk Festival, more Snow Patrolian madness from your TripAdvisor reviews, Raging Feminist Post Hardcore?, mild quirkiness, Tony has your Facebook comments, we talk about last week, Tony's been to Germany, good food in Belgium and Germany, seasick, Terry Wogan, Eurovision, Tony's International Gig Guide, Tony's off to London, Eddie Izzard, They Might Be Giants, 12 bar?, Paul's birthday gig, Oslo, The Bleach Boys gigs, Izzatwat and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry us.

Song 1: Zatopeks - Politics
Song 2: Petrol Girls - Slug
Song 3: My Cruel Goro – Lost E
Song 4: White Ape – Fucking A Dead Pig’s Head
Song 5: Demented Are Go – Pervy In The Park
Song 6: Faintest Idea – Down Pressure
Song 7: Slap Betty – Time To Get Wasted
Song 8: Lizette & - No More Lies
Song 9: The Franceens - Wish

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