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The Happy New 224 x 9 Special!

5 January 2016

It's 2016, every day gets a little big lighter than the last and more importantly it's time again for another 9 great songs and some not so great chat. So get ready for Choke Chains, Death Party UK, Flies On You, Zoe Zac, Hancox, Infectus Muertos, Magister Ludi, Colt 45 and Wet Ones.

Some great TBFM news, Paul has a TripAdvisor favour to ask, Tony has your Facebook comments, Emz gets in touch about Random Hand, is it Jen or is it Glen??, Paul's Star Wars review (SPOILERS!), Kittenblood Ren, From the Vaults, Rey, Tony's International Gig Guide, white dogshit, What's In The Tray Today?, we talk about the week ahead, Paul has his gigs in Hitchin and Oslo, floods, Sussex Saint's top twats of 2015 and big thanks to the stations which carry us!

Song 1: Choke Chains – Let’s Try Suicide
Song 2: Death Party UK - Skintight
Song 3: Flies On You – Property Vacant
Song 4: Zoe Zac - Humming
Song 5: Hancox – Toxic Twins
Song 6: Infectus Muertos – Respecting Soldiers
Song 7: Magister Ludi – We’re Loud
Song 8: Colt 45 – I Remember When The Rain Came Down
Song 9: Wet Ones – Get Off

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