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The Tony's Man Boobs Are Trending Special!

20 October 2015

We are all over the place this week, Paul is getting used to his new teeth and Tony embraces trending... luckily we have nine great songs from The Kirkz, Losers After Midnight, MFC Chicken, Chuggaboom, The Rippers, Hexthrower, Centurion Sect, Svetlanas and Manifa.

Paul's Teeth, we have a couple of messages, The Scurge, we're confused by Apple iTunes charges, Dirty Water Records, Tony has your Facebook comments, Unofficial Openings, Chuggaboom, Tony's busy doing house stuff again, Paul went to see Devilish Presley, anal pain, recording the show on a Monday, From the Vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Paul's doing a gig for the RAF, shuffle, A-Izzatwat, Hasselhoff and we send respect to Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville!

Song 1: The Kirkz - Crucified
Song 2: Losers After Midnight – Pterodactyl Attack
Song 3: MFC Chicken – 29 Bus
Song 4: Chuggaboom – That Time When I Made Out With Your Sister
Song 5: The Rippers – Into My Trap
Song 6: Hexthrower – Into The Unknown
Song 7: Centurion Sect – Kill Bill
Song 8: Svetlanas – Father Frost
Song 9: Manifa – El Gran Circo Del Rock

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