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The Tony Left The House Special!

7 October 2015

Halloween is clearly just around the corner as this week the first sign of the apocalypse has come true, that's right - Tony has actually gone out to something other than work or B & Q! To help get over this shock - we bring you nine great tracks from Black Jack, Indytronics, Cats Melvin, Voice Of Addiction, KDV Deviators, Pronto, Falcon Down, Red Money and Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics.

RIP Black Jack, Paul has a visual joke, The Ukraine, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony went to see Weird Al Yankovic, From the vaults, Tony's International Gig Guide, we discuss the A505, Devilish Presley, the long dark road..., we talk about the week ahead, Paul is going to be watched the England match, Rugby..., Paul went to Oslo, Ryanair, most famous people from Mansfield, please do email your twats to [email protected], Macbeth, Tony's Movie Review and please do review us at iTunes as soon as you can!

Song 1: Black Jack – Ignorance Is Bliss
Song 2: Indytronics – Mighty One
Song 3: Cats Melvin – Wrong Side
Song 4: Voice Of Addiction – Modern Day Meltdown
Song 5: KDV Deviators – Deviator Zone 666
Song 6: Pronto – Don’t Pick Me Up
Song 7: Falcon Down – Blink Blink
Song 8: Red Money – Chase Me
Song 9: Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics – Scream My Name

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