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The Bloody Rugby Special!

29 September 2015

As we zoom towards the Halloween episode, we find time to bring you yet another 9 great tracks from The Cynz, The Sons Of Bido Lito, Random Hand, MFC Chicken, Devilish Presley, Millie Manders, Archie And The Bunkers, The Jackets and The Bones.

Bloody WAVs, Fenella gets in touch, Radio Nirvana, the Undercover festival mystery solved, Tony has your Facebook comments, Luke Puke gets in touch, where is Keighley, Tony didn't get up to a great deal, MFC Chicken are off on tour, England v Wales, Devilish Presley are off on a farewell tour, Tony's International Gig Guide, Tony may go to the cinema, Disney vs Shakespeare, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Preston Buttons is over in the UK, the upcoming Australia game, no Izzatwat this week... or is there?, we've dropped even lower in the iTunes chart so please do get your reviews in as soon as you can.

Song 1: The Cynz – Blame It On The Kiss
Song 2: The Sons Of Bido Lito - Avalanche
Song 3: Random Hand – After The Alarm
Song 4: MFC Chicken – Uncle Willy
Song 5: Devilish Presley – Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Song 6: Millie Manders - Bacchus
Song 7: Archie And The Bunkers – I’m Not Really Sure What I’m Gonna Do
Song 8: The Jackets – Don’t Turn Yourself In
Song 9: The Bones – Monkeys With Guns

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