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The Crossover Special!

10 February 2015

This week's show proves to be a bit of a Crossover special when we feature tracks from UK Subs, Centurion Sect, Rock Alliance, Mouse, Rebel Flesh, Prograss, Smeggy & The Cheesy Bits and The Satisfactors.

UK Subs, Captain Oi, Poetry Corner, will there be a Valentines special?, Tony has your Facebook comments, Fatboy does love his goth, Tony went to Leicester, choke, Paul talks about the four days of Paulmas, Steve did not do the washing up, Tony's International Gig Guide, it's Tony's birthday this week, it's also Paul's mums birthday!, Smeggy & The Cheesy Bits, "Izzatwat", Paul has a second twat! and we talk about next week's show!

Song 1: UK Subs – Sin City Blues
Song 2: Centurion Sect – She Works In The Chippy
Song 3: Rock Alliance - Kick
Song 4: Mouse – Oh Bondage, Up Yours!
Song 5: Rebel Flesh – Let Them Bleed
Song 6: Prograss – The Edge
Song 7: Smeggy & The Cheesy Bits – Steven Was A Mod
Song 8: The Satisfactors – Johnny Commando

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