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The Sparkly Underpants Special!

25 November 2014

Paul's both here and somewhere else this week. Confused? Yes very, but never fear we still manage to bring you the usual rubbish talk and eight great songs from Demented Are Go, The Objex, Kunt And The Gang, Bruiser Queen, Muck And The Mires, AlogiA, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies and dragSTER.

Psychobilly, Darren's here, Milkmen, no Facebook comments this week, we talk to Darren, Football Coaching, The Cows in Oslo, Tony's been working..., Paul's been in Oslo and now he's in Lanzarote, Darren fills us in with his week, sparkly underpants, Tony's International Gig Guide, The Disability Special, Serbian power prog metal, we talk about our week ahead, no twats in sight this week, Tony's International Gig Guide Part 2 and we remind you of the stations which feature this great show.

Song 1: Demented Are Go – The Noose (That Snapped)
Song 2: The Objex – Milk Man
Song 3: Kunt And The Gang – The Cure For Depression
Song 4: Bruiser Queen – On The Radio
Song 5: Muck And The Mires – Pocket Change
Song 6: AlogiA – Vreme Je
Song 7: Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – I Love American Music
Song 8: dragSTER – Terminal Loser

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