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The Swearing Without Swearing Special!

21 October 2014

We get all the rocking music out of the way this week as we prepare to bring you all the shocking music in next week's Halloween special! This week's great tracks from Scanner, Brutally Frank, Kicking Harold, Crashdollz, Ashley Reaks, Restless, The Gilstraps and The Mobbs.

Hello Scanner, don't forget to email us your jokes, word of the week, Tony has your Facebook comments, Graham may not be that much of a lightweight after all..., The Dead 60's, Tony's Tiling Update, World War one flying ace or brutal killer from Saw III?, Tony's International Gig Guide, what does the devil eat?, Restless, what does the future hold for Tony?, Paul is off to Oslo, an Izzatwat from Bradleysprog and get ready for next week's super Halloween Special!

Song 1: Scanner – Weekends Suck
Song 2: Brutally Frank - Strife
Song 3: Kicking Harold – Kill You
Song 4: Crashdollz – 27 Tulip Pass
Song 5: Ashley Reaks – Freaks Of The World Unite
Song 6: Restless – Judge McGraw
Song 7: The Gilstraps - Changes
Song 8: The Mobbs – Get Your Hair Cut

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