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The Observing Steve Special!

30 July 2014

This week we are joined by special guest Steve. If that's not enough to tune in then how about songs by Centurion Sect, Heavyball, Baiki, Law And Order, Komety, Men With Ven and Stalins Of Sound.

Mystery listener, Comedy Suburbs, Rem gets in touch, Tony has solutions, Facebook:The Song, Tony has your Facebook comments, 10th birthday plans, Tony's been grouting, marmite smuggling, Paul freaks Tony, Tony's International Gig Guide, has the beast moved down the road?, Paul talks about his upcoming week, Cilla Black, Steve falls on the Izzatwat sword and Tony reminds you of the stations that carry us - and a lovely bunch they are.

Song 1: Centurion Sect - Semi Suicidal
Song 2: Heavyball - Black Eye Friday
Song 3: Baiki - Le Glaive Et L'Auréole
Song 4: Law And Order - Violent Waltz
Song 5: Komety - Nerwica Natrectw
Song 6: Men With Ven - I Can Do That
Song 7: Stalins Of Sound - Monkeys Attack
Song 8: Centurion Sect - PJs

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