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The Across The Lands Special!

27 May 2014

This week's show reaffirms our mission statement of Uniting Fans And Bands Across The Lands as we feature tracks from The Objex, The Marmoset Kidz, Shawsax, King Automatic, Lupers, The Derellas, Karbala War and Nox.

Comedy Suburbs, Borneo, Tony has your Facebook comments, Our Graham vs Goats Gash, Good Lord!, Limozine, Paul's Harem, King Automatic, the long journey from London, Tony's International Gig Guide, Terry McDermott?, Fishwife's Broadside, the week ahead is quite work heavy for both of us, Paul's got a gig in Chester this weekend, hard shoulder, Izzatwat Izzanothappening Izzagain and we get all political.

Song 1: The Objex – GG
Song 2: The Marmoset Kidz – When It Falls To Depth
Song 3: Shawsax – Chads Gone Barmy
Song 4: King Automatic – The Diabetic Vampire
Song 5: Lupers – Menun + Babuino
Song 6: The Derellas - Motherfukka
Song 7: Karbala War – Roman At War
Song 8: Nox – Dentro Il Covo

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