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The Half Dirty Half Bonkers Special!

1 April 2014

This weeks show is half a Dirty Water Records and half just plain bonkers! Get ready for great tracks from The Youth, The Teamsters, The Thanes, Revellions, Goober Patrol, Scanner, The 99ers and 7 Day Conspiracy.

Dirty Water Records, additional material, old girlfriend, Tony has your Facebook comments, Camp / Manly / Butch Tony, Charlie Harper, Paul talks about his week, New Comedian Of The Year Competition, Stevenage Handshake, Paul's Grandma has passed away, Tony's International Gig Guide, Scanner, Tony's got his first practice session, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Jeff Uglyshoes, no Izzatwat, Tony talks about the 0161 festival and a quick round up of the stations that feature us!

Song 1: The Youth – Fancy You
Song 2: The Teamsters – A Girl Named Linda
Song 3: The Thanes – Dishin’ The Dirt
Song 4: Revellions – Give It Time
Song 5: Goober Patrol - Coconuts
Song 6: Scanner – You’re Out Of School And No-One Cares
Song 7: The 99ers – Troglodyte Girl
Song 8: 7 Day Conspiracy – Berkshire Hunt

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