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The Chicken And Drummers Special!

11 June 2013

After last week's step back into the 80's we're bang up to date now with songs from The Spits, Vinnie & The Stars, R.S.I., The Penetrators, Plastron, Hot Fetish Divas, Swingin’ Utters and 10 Drummers v Earth.

Comedy Suburbs, we talk about Vinnie & The Stars and Skype, Tony has your Facebook comments, Timmy from the Derellas, Tony's dreaming about The Bleach Boys, Paul talks about his week, Tony's International Gig Guide, Paul's off to Wales, Tony went to see Iron Man 3, Nandos, no Izzatwat..., our competition winner gets in touch, Adam Ant, drummers, drummers and more drummers...

Song 1: The Spits - PCT
Song 2: Vinnie & The Stars – I’m Not From America... I’m From Hull
Song 3: R.S.I. – I’d Hate To be You (Coz You Suck)
Song 4: The Penetrators – Shopping Bag
Song 5: Plastron – Scary Circus
Song 6: Hot Fetish Divas – Radical Chic
Song 7: Swingin’ Utters – Dreadlock Dread Reggae
Song 8: 10 Drummers v Earth - Rescue

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