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The Symmetrical Arse Special!

27 March 2013

This weeks show has symmetry and it has arse! It also has great songs from K’Annibal Woman, Vinnie & The Stars, Grand Rezerva, The Brains, Subsonics, The Scurge, Luna Sopor and King Salami & The Cumberland 3.

Paul's a bit croaky, Comedy Suburbs, Mock News, beds, Tony has your Facebook comments, boxed wine, Tony is treating himself to some windows, Paul talks about his time in Oslo, out of order doorman, Tony's International Gig Guide, Tony talks briefly about maybe getting outside, number 1s, Bryan Adams..., Spandex!, double Izzatwat nearly turns in a triple and ARSE!

Song 1: K’Annibal Woman – I’m A Man
Song 2: Vinnie & The Stars – Roulette Gun
Song 3: Grand Rezerva – The Guardian
Song 4: The Brains – Elektrik Shock
Song 5: Subsonics - Haywire
Song 6: The Scurge – TV Interviewer
Song 7: Luna Sopor - Valence
Song 8: King Salami & The Cumberland 3 – I Got A Baby

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