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The Punky Punk Special!

19 March 2013

We're back to our roots this week with some full on punk from Sleeze, UK Subs, Hot Fetish Divas, Radio Vudu, Mouse, The Spits, Vice Squad and Limozine.

Sleeze, Comedy Suburbs, UK Subs album names, Tony has your Facebook comments, Marv, we talk about our week, Tony's dentist woes, Paul's been making CDs for the car, David Bowie, B52s, Destroy The Evidence, Tony's International Gig Guide Part 1, Tony's scratchin', Paul's off to Oslo this week, double booked flight, Vice Squad free track, no Izzatwat this week, Tony's International Gig Guide Part 2, Paul loves Limozine and Tony reminds you how you can listen online.

Song 1: Sleeze – So High
Song 2: UK Subs - Monkeys
Song 3: Hot Fetish Divas – Ordinary Bitch
Song 4: Radio Vudu – Disagio Sociale
Song 5: Mouse – Roll Up
Song 6: The Spits – Black Kar
Song 7: Vice Squad – Antisocial Security
Song 8: Limozine – Medical Experiments

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