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The Semi Label Special!

29 January 2013

We feature another label this week but only 4 tracks so it's only a semi-label special, but get ready for songs from The Dead Exs, Friction Land, Limozine, Ruby The Hatchet, Bear Makes Ninja, Generation Zero, Wily Bo Walker and The Thunderfucks.

Real Gone, Tony has your Facebook comments, The Pulveriser for Christmas number 1, Code1 need to give us more information, Limozine's new single, Paul has a gum infection, Tony talks briefly about his week, Paul talks about his week, Oslo, Tony's International Gig Guide, "have you chucked up blood?", drug talk, Tony's off to see The Hobbit, Paulmas, Gothenburg, no Izzatwat this week... or is there?, Comedy Suburbs and thanks to Captain Marbles for his in depth review of Paul's latest CD!

Song 1: The Dead Exs – If You Got The Time I Got The Love
Song 2: Friction Land - Dangerous
Song 3: Limozine – Johnny Got Shot By A UFO
Song 4: Ruby The Hatchet – Black Tongue
Song 5: Bear Makes Ninja – Fruit Can’t Fly
Song 6: Generation Zero – My Advice
Song 7: Wily Bo Walker – When The Angels Call Your Time
Song 8: The Thunderfucks – Sick Girl

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